Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Make a Website With Easy And Fast

Website is a web page that has a link, and sometimes comes also with other files such as pictures, video or other files. Nowadays a lot of people who might want to have a website, but many think that creating a website requires a computer science and programming.

Tutorials related to how to create a website at this time seems to be required by many people, because with the development of the technology makes people want to have different things one website. In our website can save vent, experience, or maybe even something that is not likely that we will get the money from the website that we created.

For the beginner must create a website is difficult and will spend a lot of money, but the pliers this time we will give you a way to create a website that is easy, fast and free. So let's listen.

1. The first step to create a website, we must prepare the application or software in order to be able to make a website. The software is Wordpress CMS and XAMPP, both software or application can be downloaded for free. Once the download is complete, then the WordPress CMS on local host computers we have.

2. Before creating a website of course we have to think about the theme and concept for the website and also that we will create. After getting the concept, how to create a website design wordpress website continues with the AKN we make in local host.

3. After the affairs of the design has been completed, then continue on how to create a website prepare Web Hosting and Domain are free. Web hosting is used to store website files, while the domain is the address of our website to be opened by someone else. After getting these two things then we move the file we have created a website in local host to Web Hosting to be opened on the Internet.

4. The next is how to create a website we need to test the website we have stored and check to see if there are parts that error. This step is necessary so that there is no error when we introduce a website that we have.

5. The final step in creating a website is to promote the website that we have created. Of course, to do that we can do in various ways, one of which is by sharing in social media like Facebook and Twitter.

How to Make a Website

That was a little review on how to create a website. Hopefully this article how to create a website that can help you all currently wants to have a personal website.